Friday 27 June 2014


Open your doors to the awkward voiced callers,
Serve bread and wine at the feast of the freaks,
Listen to a sermon from a passing by neighbour,
Sit on the floor and kiss the feet of the righteous,
Chance to encounter Christ at the bus stop,
Buy all the Big Issues from the girl from Romania[1],
Prepare the guest room for the travelling hobo,
Cancel the meetings and entertain the seeker of asylum,
Forfeit the services and replace them with service,
Revoke the debts of the street sleeper who owes you,
Buy home insurance from the door to door seller,
Give the church’s silver to the man[2] collecting scrap,
And finally expect a reward that’s utterly unexpected.

[1] In Nantwich, our Big Issue seller is from Romania.
[2] It’s gender specific for the reason that in Nantwich, there’s a well known local gent who pushes a huge trolley around town seeking scrap metal.

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