Friday 20 June 2014

LECTIONARY FIRST SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY: Whispers in the Dark and a Cross on the Horizon (Matthew 10:24-39)

Tarrying onward
Carrying homeward
Dreams and stories
Tales of the past
Following a well-worn course
Stepping into the future with every new morning
Bringing forward words that the saviour has said
Sheltering the hearts of those who cannot take another step
What’s said in the dark must be spoken in the light
And what is whispered in our ears must be shouted from the rooftops
Which paints a painful picture
Of whispered words that must be shouted
Of darkness giving over to light
When all the while, standing there on that horizon is a cross-shaped hole
A cross-shaped hole waiting to be made whole
Following that progression of steps
Not to somewhere sacred but somewhere deranged
Past the place where the well wishers turn away and head back to church
These ways are dark
Inhabited by shadows
And the voice of God
Lay down the facade of perfect sainthood
Bring on the doubts and the doubters and the doubt shouters
The teachers of untruths
Ultimately uncouth will be unloosed from the webs they entangle
Snares broken down and borne away to a lonely grave
Rife with cost
This walk
Tearing families apart
Tears tearing down well-loved cheeks
Tears tracing tracks through tear-soaked pillows
Weep not for what you know
But for what might never be known
Pour out praise for a man who beckons
Onward to your cross
Scatter in red rust dust the dalliances of another day
Turn anew towards a pre-redacted way
Savour sharp flavours on the tips of your tongue
Taste the words that remain in your ears
Speak a truth from within
Just begun
This life
This Son


David Austin said...

Excellent - Thanks Tim.

David Austin said...
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BeatLiturgist said...

Hi David, much appreciated, thank you!