Sunday 25 October 2015

Intercessions for tomorrow

Creator God,
This day we pray to you for the world you made,
For the places and peoples forgotten and hurt,
For the places and peoples left in the lurch,
We pray for the war ravaged, the savaged and pillaged,
We pray for the places torn apart by disaster and disease,
We pray the constant crisis found in the middle-east,
We call down your mercy and call down your grace
On the places we know needing your embrace,
We pause in the silence to hold before you,
The lands that are suffering and the lands without hope.
Lord we ask that you would bring your peace,
Lord we ask that you would bring your release.

Instigator God,
This day we pray for your Church in this world,
Your voice to the voiceless
And your hand of service for the poor
We ask Lord that you would raise up your Church,
To be a sign of your Kingdom
And a sign of your love
That from your Church would flow streams of living water
Riddled with good news
Help us stand as your people, to stand up from our pews
To embody your love Jesus and bring forth your good news.
We pause in the silence to hold before you,
Your Church at this time and all it could do.
Lord we ask that you would move your Church by your Spirit
Lord we ask that your Church would go to the people and draw the people to it.

Saviour God,
We thank you Lord for your work in our lives,
We thank you for the way you see past our pride,
We delight in you as you delight in us,
Help us Lord to do what we must,
And help us to live-out lives shaped by the cross
Help us to walk with the lonely and lost
We pause in the silence to hold before you,
The pains of those needing your grace and the pains on the hearts of those gathered in this place.
Lord we lay all these prayers at your feet,
Lord we know you can meet every need.

Help us to unburden ourselves at the cross
And give us your heart for the broken and lost
Show us a vision of your kingdom to be built
And help us to flourish by your Spirit, freed from past guilts.
We pray in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

And we are grateful that when we pray you hear it. AMEN.

Saturday 10 October 2015

rails, witnesses

This summer, I recorded an album for a project/band I'm part of (there are only two of us). It's called rails, witnesses and we have an album coming out sometime. I decided to create some images using tiny phrases from the song lyrics. They can all be seen below.

Thursday 8 October 2015

The New Parish - A Poem

Here's an image created, from the New Parish Conference I was at last weekend, as poet in residence. It's a poem I shared at the end of the conference. Written using words, images, phrases, repeated thoughts, encountered over about 12 hours. The writing process was swift and a "one take" piece with a few minor edits, I wanted to capture the flow of the conference.