Monday 30 March 2020

breathe - an experimental poetic reflection on Covid 19

your breath - the act of breathing. of inhaling life-giving air. the air that keeps the blood flowing heart pumping life living. the air you need to be you to be filled and fulfilled. the act of breathing - breathing life - corrupted contorted - virus soaking - droplets - particles - corrupting breathing in. virus breathing out carbon dioxide. virus. breathe breathing out carbon dioxide virus climate carbon change dioxide covid breathing breathe in. breathe out. breathe in. breath in. breath out. oxygen in. carbon dioxide out. oxygen in. carbon dioxide out. covid in. covid out. the fresh air. life. breath - breathe virus in and virus out. escape to nature. clean air. oxygen breathe in. breathe out. breath in. breath out - but covid - breathing - corrupting. portion of self. life-giving breath in. life-taking breath out. silent breath. silent breathe. breathing turns to silence. silence covid - whispers. breathing non-breathe. non-life. death. breath. no breathe. more death. no death. more breath. covid arts of breathing. simple act.
all the time. nothing to do. be self. dream. find inspiration. if inspiration can be. found - maybe not. too much. much of too much. this pain. breaking. pausing. too much time - or - not enough time. social isolation /socially distant / key-worker / vital part - necessity. too tired. hardly sleeping. pressure. worry. at home hardly sleeping. socially distant. isolated. no money. rent due. no food. no money to pay for no food. how to pause. how to rest - even what is rest - even know rest - even find rest - even be rest - even embody rest - pause / sabbath / breath. to Sabbath rest - is that - pause. lay down - take up. stuff down. rest up. how to rest. is rest pause - is pause rest - is pause breathing - is pause living - no pause no rest - no pause no breathing - no pause no rest - no pause no life / breathing - rest. same. breathing - pause. same. breathing pause - rest -rest sabbath. what even is sabbath. pause is sabbath. pause is rest. rest is breath. take breath in. breathe in covid. breathe out rest of the rest. of the rest - all rest all breathe in covid. covid not rest. rest no covid. pause covid. covid cause pause.
a gap. space to do - not ever - never - not never - usual / reflection - reflect on / what resting - reflection. reflection as rest. rest in reflection - work reflection - reflection work / act of thought - and pause - time / reflection requires time. pause. patience. breathe in. breathe out. breath in. pause. breath out. pause. hold it / take and decipher. pause. reflect. instinctive - learned - earned - assimilated - reflection. growing / moving / reflection. too reflective. too reflexive. onwards. never back - always onwards. new ways. old ways gone. new ways from old. reflection leading forward. to new things. old things - new ways - new old things. changes - disciplines / disciplined / patterned - shaped - shape-able / from what was - to - what will be. new thing from old. new learning - from - old learning. new listening - to context / content / each other / the silent ones - voicing silence - making silence heard. renewing. renewal. renewed. from what was. breathe in. breathe out. reflect. pause. hold breath. hold the breath. hold this breath. fill the lungs. covid in. covid out. hold covid. be covid. reflect. reject covid.
hear of covid. fear covid. read of covid. fear of covid. breathe in - aware of covid. breathe out - aware of covid. covid in the morning. covid in the night. covid on the screens. and covid on the screens. covid when the button is pressed. covid on the button. covid in thoughts. covid in eyes. covid in ears. covid in mouth. covid in memory. covid in mind. covid on hands. covid on hands on hands. covid corrupting. covid completing. no rest with covid - no rest from covid / no rest for covid. must rest. from this - must rest. from that - this/that / they / them. rest. rest. rest. take a breath - breathe in covid - breathe out covid. each breath covid. each rest covid. each moment covid. covid on the screen. covid on the screen. covid in the speakers. covid in the ears. not rest from covid. covid no rest / rest. no. covid. rest. read. hear. write. watch. think. feel. reflect. pause. breathe. covid - covid covid. how to rest / how rest from / how rest with / why rest from / when rest how / how rest why / why rest why / covid. this. covid. that. covid. rest from covid. rest in houses. houses in covid. covid in houses.
breathe in. breathe out. pause. rest. stop. breath in / breath out/ rest now. covid. strikes - dawns - whispers - speaks - scares - touches nerves / covid nerves. covid dreams. covid nerve dreams. dream covid nerves - to dream / to sleep. to sleep / to breathe. to breathe / to pause. pause - to dream. rest - to pause. breathe - to rest / sleep reflect / sleep covid free. rest free. covid free. free dream. dream covid free. free covid dream. eyes closing dream. eyes closed dream. eyes closed / mind wakes - mind awakes - mind awake. fear in mind. mind in fear. dream afraid. afraid to dream. afraid of dream. dream of covid. dream of family. covid family - family covid. dream of reflection. reflection of pause. no rest. no dream. no covid. no reflection. family / dream covid / then covid / now covid / when covid. dream covid. awake covid. over stimulate covid. covid over stimulate / over covid / covid over/ covid covers / covid blankets / covid entombs - entombed covid - entombed by covid - entombed with covid - just a dream covid. just a covid dream. covid dream. dream without rest covid - without peace covid. dream become nightmare - become reality - become dream - become covid. covid.
awake covid. awake from covid. cease from sleep ceasing sleep - sleep / ceasing sleep / sleep ceasing / all of everything / ceasing / all of everything / covid / breathe in. breathe out. hold breath. hold covid. covid holds breathe - in - out - covid. hold breath covid. covid holds breath. covid ceasing breath. covid ceasing rest. covid ceasing dreams. dreams of ceasing covid - covid ceasing - dreams of covid ceasing / ceased / to be ceased / to cease -covid unwinding. resting. spooling. breath - spooling. rest -spooling. breath - spooling. breathe in spooling / no rest / spooling / spooling no rest - ceasing rest - covid / breathe in / breathe out - breathed in - breathed out / flow in covid - flow out covid. covid in heart. covid in mind. covid in mouth. covid on hand. covid on mind. heart on covid. covid in dreams. dreams of covid rest. covid. rest from dreams covid. reflect on ceasing covid. ceased covid. no covid. cease covid - your - my - our covid. no ones covid / whose covid - their covid - cease covid. sleep covid. sleep. sleep - dream. sleep cease covid. sleep ceases. ceases sleep / covid. cease all things - covid. covid ceasing things. resting / things / dreaming / things - ceasing covid. covid cease. everything cease.
stay with me. breathe in. covid. breathe out. covid. collective breath / in covid / out covid. hold breath. hold breathe. no cease. stay breath. breath stay. stay to breathe covid. stay to rest. rest to stay. reflect to rest. stay to reflect. stay to breathe. breathe in / breathe out - breath in / breath out - covid no stay - rest from covid / covid no stay. we stay. free from covid. safe from covid. apart from covid. apart from others. covid with others. others with covid. covid from a distance. stay a distance. distance stayed. stay distant. distant stay / social stay / distant socially - socially distant / from covid / from others covid / from others. rest from covid. pause from covid. breathe in not covid. breathe out not covid. not - covid / not covid / no covid. free breath / from covid / free from covid. stay away covid. covid stay away - from people - covid / stay away from people. stay away from covid. stay away from covid people. stay away from you. you stay away from you. you and you - stay free from you and you - you and stay free from covid / and you stay / together - apart covid. stay away covid. stay away social. stay away. stay away / cease - away / away cease from others / away stay / away - stay.
alone covid. breathe in. breathe out. breath in. pause. rest. breath out rest. breathe in - rest. pause. reflect. breath out - pause - reflect. alone from covid. hope free of covid. hope of no covid. hope of breath free from covid. covid free from hopes. covid - covid hopes for breath / covid longs for breath / covid seeking breath covid - viral covid covid viral hopes. your viral hopes. your covid hopes. free of covid - hope / hope of free of covid. covid hopes - free of covid - hopeless covid hopes. no hopes with covid. covid has no hope - covid no hope. reflect on hope. rest in hope. sleep in hope. dream of hope. hope for dream. dream of hope breath. breathe in hope - dream. breathe out hope - dream. no covid no covid. dream of hope. dream of no covid. hope of no covid. covid no hope. hope knows no covid - covid has no hope. does covid hope. hopes of covid - what - why - virus - grow virus . hope virus - mutate virus. no covid hope. hope no covid - breathe in - no covid / breathe out no covid - breath in - hope - hold hope - breath out - hope. covid no hope / hope no covid. covid no rest. no hope in rest covid. no covid / dream of hope / pause rest / breathe in pause / rest hope / breathe out pause / rest / hope.
hope with covid. hope from covid. free from covid. free from covid. hope to be free from covid / hope and dream / free from covid / reflect on hope of free from covid - calm - breathe in - calm - breathe out - calm. calm. breathe in. breathe out. pause. rest. reflect. hope. dream. covid hope. free of covid dream. calm covid. calm breath. breathe in calm. breathe out calm. breathe in calm / breathe out calm. breathe in rest / breathe out rest. breathe in hope / breathe out hope. breathe out rest. rest from covid. rest from reflection/ reflection of rest. rest from ears / rest from eyes /rest from mind / rest from heart / calm mind - calm head - calm mind - calm mind calm mind calm heart calm heart - calm / calm / calm / calm. breathe in. pause. breathe out pause. pause / pause / pause - from pause - for rest / calm. calm. calm. be calm / be free. free of covid. be calm. be free. free of covid. free to dream. dream free. dream rest. dream pause. dream of. dream of /dream of - calm. calm rest pause. breathe in calm rest pause. dream out calm rest pause. breathe out - breathe in - breathe out - calm pause breathe in breathe out hope calm - calm peace hope for peace. calm from hope. calm. breathe in. calm. breathe out. calm.