Thursday 20 December 2012


Here's a quick poem. Couldn't just put up an audio file so had to make a little photo montage. Words to the poem are below.
There’s no dance I would rather do.

There’s no hope I’d rather kindle.

Than the one I want to bring.

But the one I wonder about is broken beyond my dreams.

Another broken dream.

Everybody dreams sometimes.

Everybody hopes for these things to come true.

Everybody longs for it to be “me and you”.

Everybody has a dream to fly.

To soar up so so so high.

And everybody knows the sky goes blind.

Once you’re up above the highest heights.

Everybody has a time to cry.

Just as everybody has a time to die.

A time to drift and scratch.

A time to miss and match.

It’s always too soon to glide.

Never know just how far to try.

Always one thing or more holding us back.


But everybody has a care in the world.

Everybody’s world is so so so absurd.

Everybody needs to try.

To respect what must be respected and reject what needs to be rejected.

There’s no way back from the other side.

And there’s no place for bravado and macho male pride.

Everybody hopes they’ll never need to cry.

And everybody speaks too much from their deepest insides.

And almost everybody has that feeling within.

Everybody wants to die sometimes.

Everybody hopes to never have to try again and

Everybody feels claustrophobic.

Everybody has a hunch that’s worth risk.

Always the same to never be sure and ready until.

Until everybody realises it’s high time to try.

Everybody quotes somebody sometimes.

And everybody longs for release and besides,

Everybody is too torn up by the people on either side.

Instead of just reaching out and putting a hand on their shoulder.

Everybody says the world feels colder.

But everybody knows its heating up.

Everybody wants to be bolder and live right.

Yet everybody’s pockets are too tight, too shut, too locked down,

And there’s no hope they’d rather kindle.

And there’s no dance they’d rather do.

There’s nothing left to bring but,

But broken dreams and tired, clapped out but inventive schemes.

Everybody’s dream at some point dies.

Unless that dream is breathed upon and held tight.

Everybody works their best to seize the day.

And everybody waves their hands to scare the crows away.

But everybody’s love is there on display.

And everybody’s whispered hopes disappear someday.

And all of everybody one day someday dies.

And everybody’s hopes won’t stay alive,


Unless everybody tries to live beyond the lies,

To look square and straight at the true horizon,

Usually just out of view.

And everybody’s purpose is somewhere over on that point,

Everybody’s compass is muddied with loss,

Caked in dust and a veneer of false aspiration,

But everybody has a chance to refresh the stale heart,

And everybody is not alone, eternally forgotten.

And everybody doesn’t need to cry by themselves,

Dreams torn and tattered on the shelf.

Everybody has a hope that even they might not know.

Or might not see.

But everybody’s heart has strength in reserve.

But the tap can be shut too tight, too dry and rusted solid.

Everybody stares into space and hopes to see something twinkling in the stars.

Everybody glances in the mirror and sees something,

Everybody turns inwards once too often.

Everybody has a dream that died.

Everybody has a scheme they wish they’d tried.

Everybody has a hope that’s broken.

And everybody has a hope unopened.

Everybody has boxes scattered around their lives.

Everybody draws shutters tight on the inside.

Everybody dreams they’ll live before they’ll die.

And everybody sees through tired eyes.

And shattered sighs,

And broken cries.

Everybody knows disgrace at some point.

And embarrassment does the same.

And in time the moon and sun still do their revolve,

Problems solve,

Hopes remain unopened,

Hours pass by.

And for everybody, there’s a time to try.

For everybody there’s a time to catch the sky.

And for everybody there’s a time to clutch at why.

For everybody there’s a point too far.

For all the points of it all can seem so small sometimes.

And everybody has a hope before they die.

Everybody has a hope they might not try.

Everybody has a hope.

Everybody has hope.

Everybody hopes.