Wednesday 30 July 2014


hate this disgrace
makes me feel irate
to stand against terror and
be afraid of labels of race hate
when no god is to blame
but the actions of humans
who know better
by the words of the book
mistook and misspoken
pronounced and refocused
turn from this death and look down from the skies
see the fear
the tears in eyes
the burning yearning gut wrenching cries
of children in a school
of families slaughtered
of mothers holding children
of death in the class room
the clock is past noon
and the christ is crucified
no one on earth can justify
why babies die
when the promised land is awash with pain
when tears and fears are forever the same
will the world wake up
will the world react
will the world dare to speak the words
so many have left unsaid
will the world dare to proclaim
that you can’t justify the dead
with statistics
and words and more words
when the only words that matter

are the cries that are never heard

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