Friday 20 January 2017

Sunday 8 January 2017

The Failure Of My Generation - a rant

It starts with a whisper
A whimper
A sneer
Screeching tires
Blinded eyes
Tell the terrors to stay back
Stay down
Back around
It starts with an ending
An ascending
From a place of lack
A hole with no beginning
We seek a something that
We’ve already found
We seek it out on new ground
A richer soil
A sound that is fuller
A plant that grows
And a beat that rises with it
We lack what we lack
And we don’t see what we lack
This failure
Is my failure
Our failure
Future’s failed
Futures failed yeah
We beat the drum
Transcend the everyday
Transcend to every way
We beat the drum to a new resistance
No assistance
Confusion twisted
We seek the meaning
Where it is to be found
Laid out loud
Played out proud
Seek the meaning
Burn the failure
Take the past and degrade the rest
We woke up from crusted sleep
Deep rest
Bested and blessed
But less
Needing to find a mess
New start
Return to what was
Our art a corruption
Nose-diving instructions
Search for something
Find the cure
Search for something more
More or less
Less is less and less
Hail the future
With one eye closed
Look back to the past and know beyond
Doubt that this is the out that we were singing about
Ringing aloud
Silence the bells
Silence the stories we were told in our sleep
Truth is steep
A hard climb
For tired arms and breaking eyes
Glaucoma shadow
No surprise
This future is our past
It can’t last
Mustn’t last
Nothing to pass
No past
Don’t stray beyond
Walk on grass with bare feet
Take hands from LED’s
And swipe-swipe screens
To the sky gaze
On bended knee
Dig a hole and bury the future in the past
Of pasts before
No more to adore
About the way that was
A world to toast
Guests to host
And all as a joke
A no hope no life no like no luck
Burning desire to give a dream
To someone with a dream
This is the future
We see
We grasp
Tearing at the seams
Old streams
Watered down and re-watered
Reo-ordered and bordered by lands
Without borders
Sort the disorder
Lay down the decay
Lay down the decay
There must be something more
Something worthy
Something to explore
This is the failure of my generation
We turned too far inward
Never outward
Never opened our palms
Never held hands aloft
Only looked for god
In the lands of the lost
See the silence
See the rupture
Bury the yearning
Look to the future
See the prophets
The seers with their smiles
These seers wear no sneers
They dream big
Rooted dreams
With deep roots
They want it real and they want to die for it
For the truth they seek
They’re all in
Every bit
Not inch by inch
Two feet firmly planted on the future
Not digging the self it’s grave
This is the failure of my generation
We lived in fear
For too long afraid
Time to relearn the learning
Re-find the yearning
Re-live the burning that
Held our hearts captive in innocent days
Crave a dream that won’t go away
No because it’s binary simple
But because it’s tightly held and deeply sought
Wrought of iron and burnt into skin
Tattoo my arms
Let the words be writ large
Upon my life
No truth in what was
Only truth in new life