Monday 11 December 2023

A Rambling Prayer for Advent, 2,3 or 4.


Lord God,

We wait for you.

We wait for you in a world of darkness, of war, of fragility

We wait for you in a world of poverty, despair,

Of fear, of disease, of hatred and anger and inequality

We wait for you gathered around your light

We gather like moths around a flame

We gather and are grateful for your light and the warmth of your love for us.

We gather and wait for your son, the sun of righteousness who casts away darkness and sets us free to live in your light.

We gather because there is nothing else we can do

We wait and watch for signs of peace

Signs of the kingdom,

For the reign of hope over despair,

For freedom from fear, light over dark, redemption over deceit.

We wait

And as we wait we light these candles to remind us that one day you will return.

We light these candles as a sign of light’s resolve against the dark

A sign of light that proclaims we are for hope

We are for the kingdom

We are your people and you are our God.

Lord God we wait with you.

And we wait for you.

For the fulfilment of all things

For that peaceable time to come.

Lord, thank you for the light of faith that carries us forward.