Saturday 23 March 2024

Self-Led Holy Saturday

This year for Holy Saturday All Saints' Madeley and St. Margaret's Betley aren't having an online gathering. Instead I've printed some Self-Led Holy Saturday reflection sheets. I've actually printed them on to A3 coloured card, but they could be done on A4 paper. I've kept it old school hand-written zine style! There will be copies available in both churches from tomorrow.

Simply print the sheet and fold

Monday 11 March 2024

Werewolves and Werewolf Hunters


Werewolves and Werewolf Hunters


Imagine the scene.

There is a village.

And it faces an existential threat.


The Werewolf

The village is being attacked by a Werewolf.

There never used to be a Werewolf.

Then one day the Werewolf appeared from seemingly out of nowhere.

Certainly, in the past occasional sheep and other farm animals disappeared but no one ever paid much attention.

But now the village is besieged by a monstrous threat. A Werewolf.

The Werewolf stalks the village. The villagers hear it snarling and see its scratch marks.

It occupies their every waking thought and it occupies their nightmares too.

The fear of the Werewolf effects everything.

The village elders begin to focus all their efforts on limiting the damage the Werewolf causes.

They spend their days building higher walls and withdrawing from the periphery of the village.

The villagers begin to take account of the Werewolf in the decisions they make.

The villagers fly an SOS flag from the church tower, the tallest tower in the village.

The villagers stockpile food and money and resources in anticipation of the day when they can no longer grow anything.

For when they can no longer step outside.

For when the village is no longer safe.

For the day when the very foundation of the village will be torn up and they will be cast into the dark and cold.

The villagers are overcome with fear and they become concerned with one thing and one thing only.

The Werewolf.

The whole village has become obsessed with killing the Werewolf.


The Werewolf Hunter

One day there is a loud knock at the village gates.

The guards sheepishly look out over the village’s high walls.

There below them is a tall figure with a large rifle and a silver bullet.

The gates are opened.

The werewolf Hunter introduces himself to the village elders.

In a special council meeting the Werewolf Hunter describes the village’s woes.

He tells them he knows they are stalked by a Werewolf. He sees all the signs of Werewolf attack.

Scratches on the high walls and the remnants of ruined buildings beyond the edge of the village.

The Werewolf Hunter looks around at the fear on the villagers faces.

He smiles and tells them that he has the cure they have been waiting for.

He tells them that he has a silver bullet.

The Werewolf Hunter tells them that he is no ordinary Werewolf Hunter.

That only he has the silver bullet they need.

That only his silver bullet will kill the Werewolf dead.

The villagers beg the Werewolf Hunter to kill the Werewolf.

The village elders ask the Werewolf Hunter what this silver bullet will cost.

The Werewolf Hunter smiles once more and tells them that the silver bullet will cost them everything.

He reminds them that only he can kill the Werewolf for only he has the true silver bullet.

The Werewolf Hunter explains that once he kills the Werewolf, everything they have will become his.

He will kill the Werewolf, but upon the Werewolf’s death everything will pass to him.

He will take it all, but they will still have their lives.

He assures them with another smile that they will be able to live out the rest of their lives in the village, free from the fear of Werewolves.



Beware the Werewolf that consumes your every waking moment.

Beware the Werewolf Hunter who promises everything with a silver bullet and seeks everything in return.



I got the images for this made probably about 3 or 4 years ago and have been playing around with the idea of werewolves and werewolf hunters for a while longer than that. But a Zoom conversation today made me finally type up a version of this. If you know me, you can probably guess where this is heading.