Thursday 1 May 2014

#LiveBelowTheLine Day three and day four (before lunch!)

Yesterday I bought eggs for 89p. An expensive luxury but so good.

So I had two scrambled eggs for breakfast.
For lunch I had rice with half a can of chopped tomato. Yummy! (a student meal!)

While she was at the supermarket Clare found half a cucumber reduced from 35p to 11p. She asked if I wanted it, "yes please".

Afternoon snack - cucumber.
Tea - 2 eggs and rice (it doesn't taste good with out the oil to cook it in - I should ahve remembered from last year)

On Day four I had two scrambled eggs for breakfast, and I found that as with last year, getting out of bed was really hard, so I went to the supermarket and spent 90p.

Two bananas - 22p
Can of mushy peas - 16p
Can of red kidney beans - 30p
An apple - 22p

I had an apple this morning, at 22p it is a luxury. But it's interesting, this is the second year of "live below the line" for me and both times now, by Thursday I'd wanted an apple, sugary juice, vitamins, citrus taste, the whole experience was fantastic. Cutting the apple into slices and eating juicy sections.
Simply wonderful.

And the repetition of this need from last year was quite striking, perhaps the body knows what it needs after all...

Last year, I remember that after the week had finished I told myself I was going to eat more fruit than I do normally. It lasted for a bit, then easy, tasty, sugary chocolate took over.

I'll see what happens this year!

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