Saturday 17 May 2014


You tell us to not let our hearts be troubled, but they are.
You explain to us about the place where you are going, and that’s confusing enough, but we’re not ready to be left alone in this place.
There is a place set aside for us, a promise, a house with many rooms and that sounds so fantastic,
But it also sounds so distant, so unattached to where we are and the concerns that fill our lives.
We carry troubles with us daily.
You have spoken of rest; you have spoken words of love,
You have shared fellowship in ways beyond our imagining
And you have our love
Our devotion
Our hungers and our hurts
But you also have our questions.
You have our lives, the ups and the downs,
You have our dreams,
They’re yours to plant in the ground,
We know you Lord, we know you for who you are,
We’ve seen what you have done,
We have heard and seen,
Our ears and eyes sing
They are living tributes to you
Memories shaped by moment’s time could never have predicted
It is us who ask the questions
Want the words spoken
Need reassurance and seek to see your kingdom come
We do believe, we do believe in you,
That you are so utterly and unfathomably linked with the father
We understand and yet we do not comprehend
Don’t hold that against us
It’s not for lack of trying
We hold no doubts
We only hold desires for questions to be answered
You see as if from heaven’s eyes
We see simply with these eyes
We touch with callused hands
We bear truth on heavy arms
Borne with the baggage of lives lived for another purpose
We are fed more than crumbs but we don’t see the whole picture
Bear with us as we bear with you.
You are the way
You are the truth
And you are even the life
When you speak these words we know them to be true
But we also know that to go where you go will hold challenges we cannot comprehend
We see you now
And we have seen the father
Just as we know you
Just as we are known
So take us home

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