Saturday 24 May 2014

LECTIONARY SIXTH SUNDAY OF EASTER: Spirit of Truth (John 14:5-21)


- I really struggled with this one: so I went back to a style of poetry I used to write 12-14 years ago. Especially during my time in Canada and Cambridge.

So, this is (most likely, ironically) a bit of a punt (!).

I'm also not entirely happy with the last couplet, but it'll have to do for now...

Spirit of Truth

If I see with your eyes will it all become clear
If I follow your ways will you always be near

If I hope to step outward and stay in line with you
Will you stay by my side and help me be true

With every moment that I can, will offer you praise
If you promise to hold me and when needed lift my gaze

For there’s too much disappointment and too much to do
And no matter how I try I always lose sight of you

Perhaps that’s the problem that I rely on myself
That I live in isolation protected by wealth

Lord help me to follow a simple true life
That I’ll know your presence, through the good and through strife

May I always seek you wherever I am
May my heart always long, for your bigger plan

Given every gift you’ve given and all I’ve not earned
Would you teach me compassion for those that I’ve spurned

Spirit of Truth you point to the life and the way
Keep my eyes focused on you until the end of my days

Let me lay down the cerebral and all that interferes
And know you completely with the rest of my years

Be my ever present protector, my companion through all of my days
Walk with me through my weakness and show me your ways

Stand firm alongside when the world does confuse me
That my model of wisdom and compassion you will always be

As I flee inside myself away from this pain
Help me to know that you will, with me remain

For it is only alongside you and through you - that I can truly live
And only through the son’s surrender that redemption God gives.

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