Friday 18 April 2014

LECTIONARY EASTER (SUN)DAY: Easter Day (John 20:1-18 or Matthew 28:1-10)

This morning,
Everything is new,
Life takes a different shape,
What was,
Has gone.

Hurts are lost in the immediate distant past.

Memories of defeat,
Are just that - memories,

A new truth calls out
As a witness to all.

What was learned
Must be unlearned

Great divides lose their power,
In the wake of this new morning,
Feet, tired with hurt
Will no longer be fixed - still,

Some will struggle onwards or back,
Some will take wary, careful steps forward,

And still others will spring into a new reality,
Freshly rooted with delight,
Cantering and contorting,
Crisp new modes of existence,
New experiences
Sharp with anticipation
And expectation.

On every street hope will sing
From rejoicing lips
And darkness will be overcome.

Resurrection calls out across
Eternity’s vastness

And the decay of the past
Is lost to dust,
Forgotten and Broken.

When the sun rises
And the clouds are stripped away,
When the way is made clear
And the paths are repaved
With righteousness,

The new future begins.

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