Thursday 28 November 2013

Just Like The Rest

We all know those moments

We’ve all seen the tears streaked across the cheek of a child’s face

We’ve all seen the woman wailing in the graveyard after dark

We’ve all passed the old boy in the doorway with the cola cup between his knees

We’ve all hurried past the people shivering in a line for something

We’ve all been guilty of hoping those guys with hoods over their eyes won’t cross the street

We’ve all looked back through the shadows at the figure stumbling behind us

We’ve all trekked further than was necessary rather than wait at that bus stop with her

We’ve all shared that moment when we could have spoken on the train but didn’t

We’ve all carried our one bag while the old woman carries seven

We’ve all looked at the couple high up on the balcony and wondered what they earn

We’ve all looked through the curtains at the door-knocking man with the soggy catalogues

We’ve all driven past that smoking car on the hard shoulder

We’ve all turned around when we saw who was coming

We’ve all taken sudden interest in a magazine as she walked past

We’ve all strode busily and purposefully away from the crying figure on the sofa

We’ve all encountered people who we want to keep as strangers

We’ve all at some point turned back on the things we say and want to think

We’ve all closed our hearts and minds to others

But not him.

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