Friday 9 December 2016

Throw Hope Asunder

Throw Hope Asunder

Throw hope asunder
Learn to wonder
Let it bury itself
Under your skin

Take a moment
Pause and own it
Look around at
Where you’ve been
Keep it steady
Find your path
Follow footsteps denying

We’re on a journey
And the road ahead is
Fogged in tired mists
And dogged risks
What lies ahead is lost beyond
The horizon of the future
A focal point
A vocal point
Claiming identity
And ready to embrace it all
We look this way and that
Eyes flit forwards and back
Hands swipe the knot in our palms
All the while

The call
To the wild waits a silent
Wolf silhouetted against
Darkening skies

Trauma spills forth from
News desks and desert

The echoing clatter of
Militaristic marches
Stalks this present future
Just around the corner

The right rises and scarcity sings its
Celebration chorus
Creation weeps fossil tears
And scarcity’s song is ignored
Abundance is preferred
~More palatable ~
A more malleable truth

Post-pre-post youth

Whose futures are defined
By the failures of long lines
Of lies

No post-truth
Just no truth

Nothing by which to stigmatize
Swipe swipe beyond the lies

Timelines have moved on and
Every thought is forsaken and
Lacking a bigger social

Filtered by ego’s proof
No use for hives
And hive minds
Collectivist thinking
Just blind leading
The bind-ed
To the blinded bling
Of the latest Soc Med novelty
Where novelty is king
Find your platform
And sing sing sing

Your words are important

Your voice is unique

Everyone is equal
Everyone is freak

Hevel goes the shout
When drums kick in
And push the
Music forward
Not a march
But a run
Through urban streets
Along glass-walled avenues
Of pay per view privileges
We can barely afford

Barely affording to be ignore

We buy debt with or without
A credit check

Purchase and then pay - but
Not yet not yet
Never yet
Increase the debt

Not the buy now
Or the buying on the never never
Rather buying on the
Never ever clever saw you coming
Opened doors with us all inward running
This Friday was black
But not eclipsed
And not Good
Bought for a price
The ransom paid
Fitting in the lounge
The TV upgrade
Ready to be crucified
And hung out on the wall
Not drowning silently
But vomiting violently

Monotony of insanity
Low-level profanity
High-level conformity
With a nudge nudge wink wink
Of individuality
Your identity
You and only you
And only them
Only us
And you
And them
Let out a collective sigh
Inspiration is running....
Our minds cloyed, clogged
With webbed dementia confusion
The simplest action has acquired
New, deeper levels of accountability
And through it all
Nothing happens
Nothing matters
Truth lies shattered
Dreams dashed
Desires scattered
Relationships flattened

In a connectivity fetish frenzy
Where shallow and plenty
Beats deep and lengthy
On a theme
About a dream
That belongs to more than one

A dream of a song
Still to be sung

A dream deserving
More than one dreamer

A song deserving more than one singer

This things is big and getting bigger
Watch for cracks
In the unoccupied facade
Of an occupied charade
A rambling corrective
To the mumbles unelected
And soon to be steamrollered
And rejected
The system is infected
With the listless
And dejected

Whole communities abandoned
And left to fight off the rising right
Left to look for a shining knight
Left to cope
Left looking for scapegoats
And there are plenty to choose from
Plenty who’ve been used as them

Lay down all nuance
Instead let’s find a binary
A “them” to match
Our “us”
Let the streets run with red
Turn up the pressure
Reduce the services
Keep politics
As far from people
As possible

Keep it away
From parochial boundaries and boarders
Keep Westminster talking
About a multi-billion pound refurb
And re-order
Leave communities alone
Undisturbed and sunk in it

We will find an answer
We find our answers
Because our neighbours are amazing
But drops and crumbs
from the lofted platter
Would be gratefully received

Whole generations detached
And feeling deceived

Is this how far we’ve travelled
Just to watch it unravel

No words
No points
This is not about
After opportunities
Or at least
It shouldn’t be
Who said the Land of the Free?
Who said it could be
Anything more
Anything less
Reaching for something
And hoping for the best
It doesn’t get better
Than it gets in the west
No rest
All professed
No stress
Time to accept less?
Accept less or expect more?
Stand and campaign for better
Write a letter
Then take a stand
Form a plan
Take it to the barricade and


But what does any
Of this even mean?

There’s nothing to see and
Even less to feel

It’s all for nothing
And nothing is real

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