Thursday 18 April 2013

Live Below The Line Day 4

Woke up feeling pretty rough this morning, stormy night didn't help, but the tank was definitely empty.

The pervading and enduring reflection stemming out of this week is that while this is possible for a week (especially with the light at the end of the tunnel), if this was your actual life situation, week in week out, it would be utterly crushing.

A really draining experience, if you knew there was no way out of it.

Today, I bought eggs, canned tomatoes, two bananas and canned red kidney beans.

I had money saved over from yesterday, but don't worry people, today and tomorrow, I did not and will not eat more than a pounds worth of food and drinks.

Tonight we had an Annual Church Meeting, and even as a wheat-free-er there was lots of yummy things that could have been eaten, and I didn't, but it was like a window, (even, just for a glancing second), a window to see the other half eating and being merry.

A silly reflection, but more seriously:

how must it feels if you are constantly undernourished and expected to go about life as "normal"?
how must it feel to not be able to afford healthcare, a place to stay?
how must it feel to have lived in such a way, not for five days, but five years, or five decades, how soul crushing must that be?

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