Tuesday 16 April 2013

Live Below The Line Day 2

Okay, today, I bought two bananas, a can of sweet corn, a can of chopped tomatoes and a can of red kidney beans.

Its fair to say that while my food is more canned than normal, its probably a lot more fruit, vegetable and simple rice grain based than usually.

Today I have really noticed two differences (on a practical level).

The first practical difference is that being wheat-free makes shopping on a tight budget really hard. There's no opportunity to shop for cheap pasta, for cheap soups, for cheap bread. That brings with it a real challenge, as I try to find the right balance of wanting to eat a variety of foods, but realising that it's hard to actually do.

The second practical difference I have noticed is that when you can't bulk buy, things cost a lot more. I can buy six battery hen eggs for 95p, or 15 battery hen eggs for £1.15.

Of course, buying battery eggs isn't really good anyway, but it is striking that if I use all my money tomorrow I can get six eggs and have 5 p change. But that if in the last two days I hadn't bought a carrot and one banana, I could have saved up and bought fifteen eggs.

My reflections today are pretty mundane, it has to be said. I feel like I'm fully getting into the Spirit of this challenge, and while it isn't a fast, its feeling more and more like one. That little buzz of hunger that is settling into my tummy is a reminder of the goodness of God that I take for granted everyday.
And the banana I had for my breakfast at 11:30 this morning was absolutely gorgeous. I can't remember the last time such a simple item of food, was so enjoyable and lasted so long!

I also have a growing craving for chocolate, especially as Clare and E are both eating their Easter eggs at the moment. And even little L has started eating in the last two days, baby rice and apple puree stuff!

Physically, I'm also getting that low energy ache that goes with fasting. Nothing major, but my overtly overfed body saying, "wow, what is happening!!!"

The stomach feels tighter and more comfortable.

But now to bed. Another full day at work tomorrow.

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