Wednesday 28 July 2021

in your light

"in your light we see light" Psalm 36:9b

I'm increasingly aware of my own tendency at times, to not even notice moments of light in the maelstrom of everything else.

this is one of those verses that always catches my heart when I see it. this is a poet's verse and....

...asks us to do something, to be attentive to our surroundings and to look for the light therein.

but more, the verse gives us the lens through which we will be able to see what is to be seen, to catch a glimpse of something beautiful....

...only through this other light do we see the beauty and depth of the the first light.

sometimes when i witness something of beauty i can barely comprehend it, there is too much going on, so much potential, so much connectivity, like everything sparks into life.....

....through this other lens of light that is magnified enriched and the awe and awesomeness of creation burst into life.

"in your light we see light"

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