Wednesday 13 December 2017


For the last few years I've been experimenting with a Lent and Advent discipline / resource called 40thoughts / AdventThoughts

It's been a really interesting project and the responses have been great as well

The more time I've invested over this project over the last few years, the more I've been struck by individual words and the challenge that they bring

Words I like the sound of

Words that inspire me or lead me to reflect on my own experiences and our societal journeys

With that in mind I decided to create a 40wordWALL with 40 words that always make me think

I thought that I might print this out and everyday set my head and heart to the task of reflecting on a word

Over time the words may change and a new 40wordWALL might be produced.

But as it stands, my current 40wordWALL can be seen below

I wonder what your 40wordWALL might look like?

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