Thursday 8 June 2017

Today We Participate

Here's a poem. A bit cheesy, but it says what I'm feeling.

Today we participate
We can’t hesitate
Instead we engage
For the poor, the hurting, the forlorn
Today we stand and have our voices heard
Not ignored
With every word spoken
And every cross mark made
We proclaim a new way
A step made
Towards a better tomorrow
We won’t be silenced by violence
And we won’t be dismayed
In the places where it feels like we have no say
No way
We proclaim
What we believe
Words and ideas
Written in our veins
Grafted to the skins we are in
We will engage
There is no other way
No other choice to be made
We’ve no voice if we don’t participate
So we hope for the future
Being made known in the now
The future that forces the questions
“How? Why? What?”
“How did things go this wrong?”
“Why have we lost the plot?”
“What can we do, what alternative
Can alternate the narrative and
Disrupt it into something good?”
Today we participate
On behalf of those we love
And those it’s easier to hate
We engage
Not for popularity or praise
But to raise
A voice
A voice that raises questions
Questions that break down walls
And answers that build up bridges
Questions that seek solutions
And hard to handle truths
There’s a cost to me and you
Today we ask questions
That challenge insular understandings
Of “us and “you”
Today we participate for the many

Not the few.

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