Friday 24 June 2016

#cmpfire2015 poem

Here's a poem that was originally written at #cmpfire2015. It has a swear at the end but seems to be resonating with a few folk so I thought it should be posted again

the disconnect between the ground
and the institutions grows wider the
way the church measures undermines
the mission of God being lived out the
buildings of Christendom drain and
fade haemorrhaging money the
environment collapses and the church
remains vague and out of touch the
signs of faith are lost in perpetual and
misguided hopes for bums on seats the
concern we have for money is shaped
by fear as we seek to preserve the past the
gifts God gives are squandered in an
unholy search for something more the
current generation of leaders will be called
to find ways of ministering freed from
stipend and rooted in simple lives the
hopes we hold will be found in silenced
voices lost to most ears and as we reframe
the frames and watch sparks in ashes fanning
the flames we will look to the gutter to see
the stars and wonder beyond knowing, if we’re fucked

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