Monday 10 March 2014

LECTIONARY FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT: Serve Only The Lord (Matthew 14:1-11)

When the times of trial come,
(And they will)
When all falls apart,
As parched ground cracks and breaks,
Quakes at the snares the tempter makes,
Know in the deepest core of the heart,
Where light nor dark can enter,
That it is only to the Lord,
That knees should fold and bend,
Only to God should eyes ascend,
In awe and worship,
No matter the outcome:
Whether trials have broken,
Or been beaten back,
Whether the tempter’s arrow tales,
Have hit their sallow target,
Or whether the serpent’s lies,
Have been vanquished,
Know that it is to the triune God,
That worship should be given,
And it is to the Triune’s truth,
That service ought be striven,
Only know that when it all feels displaced,
The Lord of heaven and Earth is still present,
When the 40 days and nights have no end,
And it is to God that attention can be given.

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