Sunday 19 January 2014

LECTIONARY EPIPHANY 2: If you call I will follow (John 1:29-42)

If you call I will follow,
If you say the word I will try my hardest,
And I’ll bear the tension,
That whispers grace to my ears,
And tells me that trying isn’t what it’s about,
The tension to know that in you is rest,
And a future that is cross-shaped,

Just to hear your voice is enough,
Or it should be,
Though sometimes I’m not so sure,
Whether it’s your voice that I hear,
My concerns with the world’s ways,
Or perhaps a predisposition to deftly doubt,

The cost of the call can feel insurmountable,
And leave me reeling,
But worse still,
Is when the cost leaves me yawning,
And with nonchalance I turn away,
Busying hands and heart with the whirr of life,

Meaning is on your lips,
And the promise of real,
Actual life is in your hands,
There are no excuses you seek,
Only a real re-orientation,
Which is what I’m so often afraid of,

But if you call I will follow,
I will turn my face towards you,
I will empty my hands,
I will refocus my thoughts,
I will seek you out,
And once again - I will try to follow.


Vanessa said...

Thanks Tim.

Autumn said...

Thanks from me too.
I love to read your poems, and see how we have both responded to the Gospel, the differences and similarities :0)
Mine's here:
Cath x