Thursday 15 August 2013

this empire - a train of thought poem written in seven minutes.

This empire


this earthly empire stands as broken witness to a fallen world collapsing in on itself

tired and trudging

shattered and shot

it all lives

shot out of this place

this decadent decay

all that is left of this empire

this empire that sings loudly of promises never to be reached

of promises never to be owned

of promises that should never have been made

this empire is nothing

nothing but a lie and a contradiction

of false hood and a false witness

through nothing but stones by the wayside of motorways

in the shadows of old bingo halls

nothing and nothing and nothing

this empire so Ballasted by nature

so fallen

so tired

so pitiful

so empty of meaning

and yet

and yet

and yet

this empire is not abandoned by him who knows

this empire is not forsaken and forgotten

but instead the Lord

in wisdom in mercy with grace

resists all false hopes and calls

from dark to light

from shadow to bright white sun

from decay to creation

this empire is called

and it is called back from the brink

built upon unburdened beautified beatified life

what was forgotten is re-found

days that were broken decayed and dreary are filled with the light of life

and this shattered empire

with its falsehoods and its traps

with its glitter and its gold

with his hollow words and hollow lies

is brought back into life by him who knows

the God of creation

the instigator of infinity

the founder of creation

the one true God

from him light shines

and from him decay is abandoned

and from him restoration emerges

the shattered streets bringing forth life

the tired fields grow once again

with crops of plenty

filthy stream run clean

the pitted mine brings forth diamonds

swords are beaten into ploughshares

death is defeated

and the risen one

the Christ resides with his people

and life returns to this desolate place

the kingdom is being built

the promises have been spoken

the truth is being made known

and through it all God speaks

God calls

God loves

and God cares

every hope can be met

every dream can be reality

as the echoes of torment fade




all these things remain

the Lord walks through the streets

holding in his hands those he meets

no longer lost no longer forlorn

but freed

with freedom to be

cruel people have been called to live lives of love and longing for the Lord

and through it all God

God remains

God reigns

God welcomes

and this empire is renewed

this refreshment is reinvigorating

it cannot be held tight and shut down

it must be expressed by the breaking of bread

by the giving of wine

by sharing a table

by bringing thoughts

and hopes

and dreams

into line with the one whose schemes are pure

the one who calls forth disciples

the one who through water

with water

in water


is baptising

blessing and bringing forth love

and light

and hope

into his hands this empire is given

and into his heart this empire will grow

blessed be the name of the Lord.

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Autumn said...

Wow, wonderful x