Tuesday 17 July 2012

Broken We Gather

Some words to a hymn without much of a tune or rhythm (except the currently one in my head).

Broken we gather,

Aware of our faults,

Shattered and bothered,

And wrecked with our doubts,

But the light of the saviour,

Shines through into the dark,

His Spirit, it guides us,

Beyond all our fears.

The wonder of nations,

The catcher of tears,

No place is too far away,

From his outstretched arms,

The embrace of the saviour Son,

Reaches down into despair,

Where the tyrants of hate

And sadness reside,

His grace is enough for all,

His peace will reside,

No woe is beyond him,

No sinner-saint apart from his love,

The outreaching, all loving,

God who calls us home,

Draw near to his scars,

And hold aloft your own.

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