Tuesday 2 June 2009

A Parish Nightmare

Early on Saturday morning, whilst asleep, my wife Clare pushed me, I awoke, surprised. She told me that in my sleep I'd been unsettled. She asked me if everything was okay. I grunted something about having a nightmare. She asked me what my nightmare was about and I replied.
My reply as written below was my reply. I'm not lying. Seriously.

Clare asked, "what was your nightmare about?"
I replied, "the Church of England were thinking about abolisihing the parish system."

I was serious, at 5:00AM. This was a nightmare and would be a nightmare.

Later that morning, at a more reasonable hour, it became clear to me. I.... AM..... AN.... ANGLICAN.....

I mean, I had known this for some time, but there's knowing something, and something invading your night hours and giving you nightmares.

I am an anglican.

I love the Parish system!

Just thought I'd share that.

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