Tuesday 10 March 2009

principle and foundation: following on from Ignatius

Humanity, in all its complexity and originality,
Was crafted in the image of divinity,
Created to worship the Trinity,
To fill the world with progeny,
And to be stewards of earth, sky and sea,

Through Christianity, humanity,
Is to stand in times of adversity,
To live alongside absurdity and anxiety,
In a world of profanity,
And in a culture of perversity,

To live in ways the world sees as insanity,
To be open about faith and not live in exclusivity,
But to live out faith collaboratively,
In community, with accountability, for all to see,
To preach Christ in his divine humility,
And to preach the Godhead as trinity,
To share the wonder of God’s infinity,
And his salvation for eternity, through his approachability,

Made distinct from manatee,
With the potential for apostolicity,
With an inner Holy Spirit shaped cavity,
With discipleship as a central capability,
Whether employed in book entry security
Or living in Carson City,
To live lives free from sins captivity,

To worship the Lord throughout history
In awe of the glory of God’s mystery,
To hold tightly to the hem of the garment of his deity,
To with our lives seek after his majesty,
And to struggle conceptually to yearn for his orthodoxy,
Through prayer and meditative sensitivity,

To look to his eternal city,
And then to humanity, and see the pity,
And be moved to activity, with tenacity,
In the knowledge that God has no temerity,
Or irrationality, but that essentially,
By Christ’s death and resurrection he has set us free.

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